Who Writes My Essay for Me

When a student asks a writing service to, “Write my essay,” one assumes that the writing company will not use a freelancer or a writing mill. One also assumes that the essay writing service will not re-write old essays or re-sell old/used essays. When you approach a legitimate writing service to, “Write my essay,” you assume they are going to write a fresh essay that is custom-written for your project specifically. With that in mind, whoare the people that actually write your essay for you? Here are a few hints, including the type of people that legitimate* essay writing services hire.

* Legitimate means they are not using any nefarious/incorrect method to generate essays, and that they are hiring professionals with the correct credentials.

Ex-Professors may write your essays

If you are using highly rated assignment services that are ranked near the top of service review websites, then you are probably going to have a project (or two) completed by a person that used to be a professor. Having ex-professors “Write my essay for me,” is a good thing because they know what other professors are looking for when they mark essays.

Academic experts such as ex-essayists may write your essays

When you make a request for writing services to, “Write my essay for me” it is preferable that you have a professional essayist write it for you. These are people that used to write academic essays and are now working in writing services. These people know how to produce essays that are worthy of publication.

Industry experts may write your essays

Sometimes, you can have an academic “Write an essay” but they come out similar to the others that academics produce. That is why some essay writing services hire industry experts because they have field experience that they can apply to their essays.

Students may write your essays

When you ask writing services to “Write my essay online,” some paper writing services may hire students. In essence, it is a good idea because they are very close to the course content material, but it is not always ideal because students have less experience writing essays than professional essay writers and ex-professors. Graduated students are acceptable, if they have a degree, but they are graduates and not students.

People with the correct qualification may write your essays

One hopes that if you use an essay writing service, that the company will assign a person that has the correct qualifications. Ideally, if they have somebody on staff that has completed your qualification, then that person should be assigned to your project.

Who shouldn’t write your essay?

Trusting a friend to do it is tricky unless you are sure you can trust your friend. If you use an essay writing service, they shouldn’t re-sell old essays, but you probably won’t know if they did until it is too late. Essay writing services that rewrite essays should be avoided because eventually your professor will start the notice similarities between older essays and yours.

The reason you do not want a freelancers to write your essay at your request is because they have no reason to be committed to your project. If your essay is messed up, then you will not be able to damage his or her online reputation because he or she probably doesn’t have one. In addition, there is less incentive for a freelancer to cheat.