Several Reasons Why You Souldn’t Buy Essays from Cheap Companies

If you are shopping for gas and electric services, phone services, insurance services or financial services, then many times it pays to opt for the very cheapest service. However, if you are looking to buy essay services, then the cheapest is simply not an option. If you were buying sneakers, a car, or surgery, would you opt for the cheapest? Here are a few things to think about before you use the cheapest essay writing service.

The cheapest essay writing services are often the least reliable

You want to buy essay services that are reliable because you need your paper for the deadline you set, but cheaper essay writing services often have to hire freelancers or use writing mills, and they are typically unreliable, which means the cheap writing company is more likely to miss your deadline.

Cheaper essay writing services may justify their poor quality with their price

When you buy essays from cheaper companies, you may get very poor quality work back. When you complain, they may say something along the lines of, “Well what do you expect for just $X.” Their advert may say, “Best possible quality,” and words to that effect, but in legal terms, it is just plumping/bluster and is not legally false advertising. In addition, some essay writing services offer the lowest prices because they are actually trying to get your payment details rather than actually offer you a service.

Would you work for the cheapest writing service if you had a degree?

Consider the people that cheap essay writing services must employ. If you have just spent tens/hundreds of thousands on your education, would you start working for a low-paying writing service? When you buy essay services, you are buying the time of a stranger, and you need that stranger to be a degree-qualified professional.

Ask yourself why the company is charging such a low price?

Are they doing it out of kindness? Because their product is bad? Or, because they are trying to compete with all their competition? Maybe you will never find out why they are charging low prices, but would you charge low prices if you honestly had the best product on the market?

How do you save money if you want to buy essays?

Think about it the same as if you were buying a car. You would look for the best product from the cheapest supplier. You can do a similar thing when you buy essays. Your aim is not to go for the cheapest you can find, your aim is to search out the very best essay writing services and then opt for the one that is almost the cheapest (maybe a mid-range price). If you look at writing service review websites, try to steer clear of the very cheapest services.

Look for the highest rated essay writing services when using review websites and pick one of the top companies with the prices you can afford. Consider your budget, and then consider their services because the best services often have discounts and lower-standard-band prices you can take advantage of.


You shouldn’t buy cheap essays, but the biggest reason is probably more obvious than all of the reasons listed above, and that is that when you use cheap essay writing services, you are exposing yourself to a greater risk. You are at greater risk of receiving a plagiarized or rewritten essay, you are at greater risk of being ripped off, and you are at greater risk of being found out by your High School, college or university. Using a low-cost essay writing service is going to expose you to more risk, and it is simply not worth it.