Here is How to Pick the Assignment Help Company that is Right for You

The UK news company reported on an Internet research project where they sought out essay writing services that offer assignment help. Including repeat hits, they found as many as 31 million page hits. Even if only 5% of them represent true essay writing services, that is still 1,550,000 companies to choose from. How in the name of Grandma’s panties is a student supposed to choose between them all? Here are a few tips that will give you a head start.

Use a review website that covers assignment help

It may seem a little obvious, but if you are looking for assignment help, then check an independent review website that states which are good and which are bad. See what others say before you make your choice. Obviously, use the best assignment writing companies that they list and stay clear of the poorly rated ones.

Ask your closest friends which companies they used

If you are asking people about getting assignment help online, then make sure they are your “Closest” friends. There are plenty of students that would like to see their competition removed from the running. If your friends have had a positive experience with a writing service, then it may be worth the risk.

Ask graduates which companies they used

Asking students that have graduated which assignment help online services they used is sometimes a good idea. They may be a little cagey at first, but once they realize they have nothing to lose (because they have their degree), they may be more willing to disclose which companies they used.

Assignment writing tips

If you need assignment writing help but you cannot afford it, then search out assignment writing tips and try writing your own paper. Even a basic paper is better than no paper at all, and if you submit it with enough time to spare, then your professor may give you amendment notes that you may use to plump up your score a little.

Use a little common sense without letting your desperation dictate terms

Just because your deadline is looming doesn’t mean you should believe or accept whatever an essay writing service says on its website. At the very least, take a look at a few review websites and maybe a few forums to check the claims the writing company is making.

Ask your professor for more time and a little help

If you are truly broke and cannot afford help, and if your deadline is looming ever closer, just bite the bullet and ask your professor for help. You may be judged, and you may lose a little respect from him/her, but failing to hand in your paper will have far worse consequences.

Here are a few tips to help you complete your assignment quicker

Spend plenty of time writing your plan and you will find the writing process goes a lot smoother. If you start researching and find that your plan is accumulating many notes, then lift them from your plan, expand them, and use them as academic content. Do not proofread or edit until the very end. If you proofread or edit as you work, then you waste a lot of time because much of your content will have to be re-edited and removed at the very end.

Do not even correct spelling mistakes because going back to correct the words with wriggle red lines under will break your concentration and slow your writing progress. Also, do not write with music playing or a TV on because it will slow you down eventually. Learn how to write in complete silence and your writing/production speed will increase without you even noticing.