2nd place

  • 22 % discount
  • 20 years of experience
  • 24/7 live support

1st place

  • 100 % guarantees
  • 22 % discount
  • 50+ types of paper

3rd place

  • 6 free features
  • $65 savings
  • 100 % original Review review

The Smart Writing Service is able to produce rather good pieces of work as per the deadlines you set. They are a rather bland writing service with few places that they excel, but they seem to get the job done. They also have a series of guarantees that offers you some protection if you are worried they will not get the work done.

Writing services offered

Dissertation writing
They will write your dissertation for you if you make your order.

Essay help
It mostly involves writing your essay for you.

Cheap essays
They claim they have a cheap essay service, but it is subjective.

Speech writing
They have a few writers that are good at speech writing.

Custom reviews
These are originally written reviews as per the requests of students.

Research papers
If you give them a long deadline, then they will do a great job of your research paper.


They give their phone number
This writing company has two phone numbers, one for the US and one for the UK. It indicates that they do have offices in both countries, which is not something that a smaller company would be able to do.

They hit their deadlines
The online buzz is that they do not miss their deadlines. The only downside in our experience is that the quality seems to slip when they are given very short deadlines. If you have a short deadline, it may be worth trying another writing service.


You can get a free quote, but it is not very easy. Enter your project details and then sign up for an account. This is very annoying, especially since they ask for your phone number. We had to sign up for an account, but they made it difficult for us to see all their prices. For example, to see their chemistry paper prices, we had to sign up and make an order. Their English literary prices were different when we placed an order for that. As a result, we were unable to show a range of their prices.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

They have a client’s area
This is not uncommon for essay writing companies, but they seem to have put a little extra work into it. The format is not dissimilar to something you may see on an online banking website.

They have a series of guarantees
Smart Writing Service has a money-back guarantee, a revision policy, a privacy policy and a plagiarism guarantee. They guarantee an authentic piece of work, and full confidentiality. Be sure to read their notes and small print on their guarantees because there are a lot of them to the point where it feels a little like they are double-talking. Be sure to read them all in full before ordering.

They will format however you wish
There are many different types of formatting, and where other companies will ask you to choose, this company is okay with following the guidelines that you set out. It is not a big perk, but it is something you do not see very often with other writing companies.


The biggest annoyances with this company are not specially around the quality of their work. One problem is their quoting tool. It is not user friendly, and it is not easy to use. The second problem is the navigation on their website. For example, they have a series of keyword links at the bottom of their website that are only there to try to trick Google into showing them on the search engines. It is annoying and doesn’t help students find what they are looking for. Their order form could also use a little tweaking, especially in relation to getting your quote. Otherwise, their work output is roughly what you would expect for the money.

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