2nd place

  • 22 % discount
  • 20 years of experience
  • 24/7 live support

1st place

  • 100 % guarantees
  • 22 % discount
  • 50+ types of paper

3rd place

  • 6 free features
  • $65 savings
  • 100 % original Review review team was founded on the idea that students frequently need help with short deadline material, and their theory seems to have paid off. Over the years, they have become one of the leading companies when it companies the output turnaround and consistent quality service. They have somehow managed to create a system where their writers create high quality work in a very short space of time without plagiarism or rewriting.

Writing services offered

Custom Essays
Every essay they create is a custom essay, which means it is 100% original.

Research Papers
They create very well-reasoned and accurate research papers.

Case Study
They have a case study department staffed with academic experts.

With the large team they have, they are able to write on any subject.

Dissertation Services
Get help with your dissertation, as they can write some or all of it.

If you have written your project, allow our editors to look it over and fix it.

Admission Services
If you want to get into an academic institution, then is the service you need.

Resume Services
Get a job or placement with a custom-written resume.


They guarantee your deadline and delivery

Their guarantees, especially their deliver guarantees, are one of the biggest reasons why students trust this company. They are able to consistently deliver on their word and on their service without exception. They receive a lot of praise both online and via word-of-mouth.

Live chat that runs around the clock

They want to ensure that you feel safe and secure with your purchase, so they have live chat on their website that operates thought out the day and night. It means you can get in touch with their customer service department whenever you need.

They don’t just offer email

Some websites only offer an email address, which may indicate the company is not real. Rush Essay also gives you free live chat, a phone number, and their address is registered on the website. It goes a login way to building trust with the student service users.


The good thing about this company is the fact they are able to produce works both quickly and slowly. They have a dedicated team of writers that are able to produce academic work at a blistering speed, and for their services, you will pay up to $54.95 per page. However, if you are more organized and do not need your work right away, you may pay prices as low as $22.95 per page. You can pick your own price with their quoting tool, and most are low enough for students to be able to afford.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

They have VIP services

These are the services that students in a hurry may desperately need. It gives students a tighter hold over their project and its progress, and it has its own set of perks.

Have a Top-Ten writer do your work

They have a large team of writers, and they are all good, but some are exceptional. The exceptional ones are able to produce outstanding work that is without comparison, and you gain access to them with this helpful extra.

Have your work proofread

It is not uncommon for a writing service to have a proofreading department, and Rush Essay is no exception. They have a proofreading team that is mostly made up of editors.


It is refreshing to find a writing company that promises quick results and not only gives them, but does a good job at it too. Their dedicated writing team is able to create premium-quality work over short periods of time because they have had a lot of practice. Rush essay has cultivated a very powerful team of writers, and are now using them to catapult themselves into becoming the leading essay writing company in the country.

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