2nd place

  • 22 % discount
  • 20 years of experience
  • 24/7 live support

1st place

  • 100 % guarantees
  • 22 % discount
  • 50+ types of paper

3rd place

  • 6 free features
  • $65 savings
  • 100 % original Review review allow you to give them your requirements, pay and place your order and receive it via email within the deadline you set. One of the biggest selling points for this company is the prices they charge. They only have a relatively small team of 400 writers, which is okay for a small company. They offer services for students at any level of education, though their marketing and their website is geared more towards High School and freshmen students.

Writing services offered

Essay Writing
They will do any of your essay writing from High School to university.

Dissertation Writing
Any part of your dissertation can be handled by this company.

Research Paper Writing
Using credible sources, they will complete your research paper.

Assignment Help
They have an ad-hoc department that deals with any issues you are having.

Personal Statement Help
Get a top-quality personal statement from their designated.

Resume Writing
Give them your details, and they will cook up a premium-quality resume.

College Application Essay Writing
Many students have used this service and been successful.

Editing And Proofreading
If you have done your work yourself, you can use their editing team.


They have a good track record

Despite their slightly lower prices, they are able to create good-quality work. They may not be as good at top scoring projects as some of the more expensive companies, but they do a reasonably good job.

All their contact details

Some companies will simply give you an email address. This company gives you phone numbers and “Chat online” service too. They are quite happy to let you have all their contact details without asking first.

They are well liked on social media

Many essay-writing services have a sub-par social media showing because students rarely brag that they have used essay-writing services. However, the Ninja Essays team seems to be rather popular on social media.


Their biggest selling point appears to be their prices. Their prices start from $16.99 for essays, $17.99 for research papers, $18.99 for coursework and $19.99 for term papers. The reason their prices are so low is partially due to the fact they are unable to produce exquisite and top-scoring work. Another reason is that they are a smaller company with a smaller group of writers. Some companies have almost one thousand in-house writers that occupy tower blocks of offices, whereas Ninja Essays does not.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

A flexible discount policy

They have starter discounts, ad-hoc discounts, and per-page discounts. This is not uncommon within the essay-writing industry, but it is good to see that this company is keeping up the tradition.

Free amendments

If your professor marks up your work and asks for changes, the writers at this company will happily do them for free. Legitimate essay writing companies will tend to offer free amendments because to charge for them is similar to having a hidden charge.

Aimed at a younger crowd

Some consider this a good thing, and some consider it to be a negative. Their marketing seems to aim for a younger group of people. This may be because they are unable to handle as many advanced degree projects because of their lower staff levels.


Their push for a younger audience means that this company may not be suitable if you are trying to score top marks or work get work done on advanced degrees. However, if you are strapped for cash, then this company should be a strong contender for your money. If you make your orders early enough, you will enjoy their lower prices. Use their starter discount of 15%, and if the quality level is of a high enough standard for your purposes, then make them your regular essay writing company.

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