2nd place

  • 22 % discount
  • 20 years of experience
  • 24/7 live support

1st place

  • 100 % guarantees
  • 22 % discount
  • 50+ types of paper

3rd place

  • 6 free features
  • $65 savings
  • 100 % original Review review writing service seems to be aimed at both younger and older students. For example, the way the website is written, you would think they were trying to maintain the attention of very young students, and yet the video testimonials and images show older students. The website is rather frustrating because it has a series of links that all lead back to the same minority of pages. This writing service will complete your written work within deadlines of three hours to ten (or more) days.

Writing services offered

They offer to complete a variety of different essay types.

PowerPoint demonstrations
Ideal for students that are studying in creative felids.

They charge similar prices for essays.

Book reports
They have produced short-deadline book reports before.

Term papers
Any mainstream subject is covered.

Thesis papers
There is a small range of thesis services


The video testimonials

These are obviously fake and scripted pieces of propaganda. The kid from US is especially bad, yet clearly considers himself to be an actor. In terms of reliability, do not believe the testimonials, but do watch them if you like bad acting.

The photos of their support team

One may believe that these photos where correct if it were not for two big reasons. Firstly, they are all good looking, which is completely contrary to normal working people. Secondly, they are all Caucasian, but if you call them up, they have a very distinct Mexican accent.

They have comprehensive terms and conditions

A fake or single-person operation would not be able to afford the legal terms and conditions that this company has in place, and they didn’t copy it from another website, so we assume they are genuine and legally applicable. To gain access to their terms and conditions, you have to turn your computer’s security down to minimal, which is rather strange. You cannot right click to open it as a new tab.


Their prices start at $11.30 per page for High School content, and $44.95 per page for PHD material. These are actually some of the lowest prices you will find with essay writing services, which is a little suspicious because it makes you question if they are using degree-qualified writers.

We were unable to verify if they have degree-qualified writers, or even if they have their own team, since they may be outsourcing to freelancers. We figure it must be very difficult to hire correctly qualified people if they are only charging small prices. Still, as low-priced discount services go, they are by far cheaper than most.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

They have a refund policy

This states that you will get your money back if you are not happy, however, you have to convince them to give you your money back, and if they find that you provided poor information, then they will not refund your money.

They have a live chat function that pings up

If you look at a page for a few seconds and stay there, the automated live-chat support function pops up to see if you need help. This is okay, but what is not okay is their “Leaving Already” popup that pops up for no reason whatsoever.


This is not a company you can trust, but that is what you get for the price they charge. One imagines that it is tough to afford genuine academics if they are charging their clients as little as they do. The company seems a little suspect, but they have produced good work for us, so it is difficult to judge. It may just be that the company is small and talking a big game. They do not really have an online presence, which means you should maybe wait a year or so to see how their reputation holds up.

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