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This essay writing company has spent a lot of time going after the younger market. As a result, you will see words such as schoolwork and coursework on their website quite a bit. If you are in High School, this may be the type of service you are looking for. They also have very low prices, but that is again because they are working on lower-standard work.

Writing services offered

Homework Help
As mentioned, they mostly work for younger students.

It is not wise taking their dissertation service if you are in college.

They are able to produce a wide range of essays to suit High School students.

If you are looking into getting into college, you should try their admission services.

Questions And Problems
Things such as multiple-choice exams and such are completed by experts.


The company has been around for a long time
Despite its highs and lows in terms of popularity, this company has been around a long time. They must be doing something right if they have been able to remain profitable all this time without scamming people.

They give their address
This would normally be a very good thing, but there must be some mistake. If you look up the company on Google maps, you will see that the building they are supposedly working from is more of a conference center. Their company doesn’t appear to be registered in the building.

They have a non-disclosure guarantee
This is another way of saying they offer a confidential service. They also have a policy about plagiarism. From our experience, they do not plagiarize. In terms of their output, it appears to be plagiarism free, even if it is only suitable for High School students.


Their prices start from $9.97 per page, which is a fantastic rate and far better than anything you will find with other essay writing services. However, they do not hire degree-qualified essay writers. This means that they do not have to pay them as much, which may explain their lower prices. If you do have lower level work that needs doing, then try this company, but do not put them in charge of your degree work because their writers may not be qualified for it. Their highest prices are $56 per page, but those are only for three-hour deadline pieces.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

They have a web page for students that have never used a writing service

It is good to see that some companies will explain what a writing service is and how it is used. The page itself is rather full of propaganda, but the fact they have set space aside for new users is rather reassuring.

They have a money-back guarantee

Many essay-writing companies have a money-back guarantee, so it is nothing special, but it is a sign that they are looking to thrill and please their users rather than mess them around.

They have their own blog

Essay Tigers do not update their website very often, but they are clearly active on their blog because they post fairly frequently. They do have some good advice, especially for students that are looking to go to college. For example, they have time management tips, study tips, self-development tips and so forth.


They have two genuine problems. The first is that they do not hire degree-qualified writers, which is something they should tell students. It means there may be students giving over their degree-qualification work to people that are not qualified. The second problem is that they claim, “No college policy restricts the use of an essay service.” All US and European schools and colleges will flunk students and maybe expel them if they hand in the work of an essay writing company. They shouldn’t give students the impression they can brag about their use of an essay writing service because it is going to get them in trouble. If you use an essay writing service, you need to keep it a secret.

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