2nd place

  • 22 % discount
  • 20 years of experience
  • 24/7 live support

1st place

  • 100 % guarantees
  • 22 % discount
  • 50+ types of paper

3rd place

  • 6 free features
  • $65 savings
  • 100 % original Review review

The EssayLab writing company is somewhat of a discount writing service. They offer academic essays and such at a price that is around 25% less than the industry average. They have a rather polished service, even if their deadline committal is a little hit and miss. For example, sometimes they may casually miss a deadline by hours, and sometimes by a weekend. They have good prices without compromising too much on the quality of their work.

Writing services offered

They only write essays in the English language.

Case Studies
They have a range of writers that write their case studies.

Business Essays
Written by amateurs, but still an okay service.

They will write mostly anything you ask if given enough instructions.

Resume Services
Give them all your details and they will create a competent resume.

College Essays
They are able to cover any subject you find in a mainstream college.


The money-back guarantee

They do offer to give you your money back under a set of very plausible conditions. There are no hidden conditions and very little small print, which is rather open and refreshing.

The free telephone number

Not only are they giving away their phone number, they also allow you to call free of charge. It is not something that a scammer or smaller company tends to do.

The secure payment methods

The checkout and payment process is secure and reasonably well put together. It shows that the company has invested at least some money into improved security.


The website does not have any kind of quoting tool. They instead offer a series of tables for their different services. They have deadlines that run from 3 hours to 23 hours, and that run up to over 15 days. Pick your level of work, and look at the charts to see what price goes with what deadline. Having to use the charts is not as convenient as using a quotation tool is, but it is very easy to understand and very easy to see their prices. Their High School prices start at $16.50 and go up to PHD prices at $44.50. For any students that are veterans of essay writing services, they will know that these are slightly lower prices than you would normally expect.

Additional Features and Helpful Extras

Order refund policy

Their refund policy is rather good because it depends on how much of your order has been done already. They have designated how much of your money they will give you back depending on the refund circumstances.

Openness about lateness

There are many essay-writing companies that pretend they hit all of their deadlines and they push any issues about lateness under the rug. In a rather bold and brave move, this company advertises what it will do and how it will look if their work is late, and even hints that you may get some or all of your money back.

No writer found

In many cases, if an essay writing service cannot find a writer for your project on staff, they will give the job to freelancers. That is not what this company does. If they cannot find a writer for you, they tell you and send back your money. This is another refreshing feature of this company.


They are a small but well organized company. They are not the best company, nor are they in the top ten, but they are very honest and open about their writing process and the customer experience. They may not be able to do your work, but you can at least trust that they have the best intentions at heart. Though this shouldn’t be your first choice for essay writing service, it certainly shouldn’t be your last.

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