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Daunting as it is, writing assignments has become more common as more students hit college. Exceptional papers are not only a requirement, but a trend that is to be maintained by every writing service. claims to be the best when it comes to providing best custom essay writing services. They can boast of professional writers who are responsible for maintaining high standard in custom writing service. They submit the paper on time as per the client’s requirement.

Custom Service

Being the best in custom service delivery is what many writing services are striving to maintain. Theirs seem to be a trusted platform and they are making necessary steps to be among the top online custom essay writing services that offers high quality and standard essays that are done to specific requirements. Exceptional work with the highest standards possible is a pace setter for many writing services and in this case, Buyessays can confirm that it has helped them attain high reputation in the competitive field of essay writing services.

Their major services include writing dissertations, thesis, research papers, case study analysis, course work, biography writing, business plan writing, movie review, power point presentation, book review, editing & proofreading services and many more.


When we talk of offering services, price matters. In this fied, competition is stiff and the company that offers fair prices seems to be winning clients. In our case, the pricing seems favorable, though not easy to navigate through their platform, the experience is worth a try. With an assurance of on time delivery, premium assistance, and a free draft that is done by their professional writers, you can expect to get the best.

Discount Offers

Trust, quality work and effective communication are three important things needed to become a top rated service. Being truthful seem to have elevated Buyessays from other college essay writing services. The task of creating and delivering a quality paper within a short time, is no joke and this seems to work for them thanks to their experienced staff.

In addition, they have a discount scheme to ensure you pay for a fair price for quality work. This works on a reducing balance where discounts range from 5% to 20% depending on the number of pages. For 200 page an above, you get a discount of 20%, 100 to 200 pages 15% discount, 50 to 100 pages 10% discount, 16 to 50 pages 8% discount and lastly 1 to 15 pages 5% discount. Seems like a fair deal.


They have a guarantee system in place that includes quality papers as per the clients specifications accompanied by regular updates on the progress of the job. They also suggest that they deliver your work on time and you can get a free draft on request. That’s not all, they guarantee 100% plagiarism free work with unlimited revisions with no extra payment. To seal the deal, they have a 24/7 customer support to assist students in any area of their work. Hoping it always available throughout the day.

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